Conservation of value through renovation

Within mature corporate structures there is always the need to keep existing building structures and equipment on a state-of-the-art level in terms of structural engineering. From experience we know that existing halls display the first signs of wear and tear after a period of 15 to 20 years or they do no longer comply to current standards with regards to operating costs.

Target-oriented renovation maintains the value of the commercial building and ensures a cost-efficient continued use over the coming years.
We are focussing on hall renovations and are familiar with concomitant problems with hall changes and extensions. PEM Buildings' expertise is available to building owners, and we as experienced renovation partner provide the necessary on-site support.
We take an overall view at a building's structure with regards to leakage tightness, insulation, building physics and statics. The state of a building is assessed taking into account current building standards and technical possibilities. It is especially the renovation of facades and roofs that upgrades existing halls considerably concerning visual appearance and thermal properties.
Our product folder gives you detailed information on hall renovation. PEM Buildings.