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Full service with the highest quality standards

As a general constructor, PEM Buildings offer their customers a package service for the realisation of company buildings, including

  • Earthworks and concrete work
  • Finishings
  • Electric and water installations, plumbing, heating installations
  • Outside facilities

up to the handover of the turnkey building.

The PEM concept can be transferred to all technological areas of a building. The interfaces between the areas are dissolved. We consider and design your new building in all its entirety.

The improvements achieved in efficiency we pass on to you – through optimum project progress and significant cost reduction. Responsibility from one source.

Project schedule

From the first draft to turnkey delivery

Being a seasoned general contractor, we know of all the challenges encountered during construction of new buildings. Perfect planning and optimization of interfaces result in short-term and cost-efficient completion of building projects with a minimum requirement of coordination for the building owners. Early involvement in the planning phase is recommended in order to achieve this goal.

Example: the optimal placement of the structure on the site is decisive in combining space requirements with both the requirements of building law and logistical necessities.
Taking into consideration all relevant legal requirements and regulations (fire safety, sound insulation, thermal insulation and labour law requirements, etc.) we develop the optimum design for the new building together with the client. In close consultation with the participating building authorities we then produce the documents for the building application and are at the side of the client until the building permit is granted.
As general contractor PEM Buildings also offers their clients the erection of company buildings as a package deal including earthworks and concrete services, interior construction, electric, plumbing, sanitary, heating-installation work and finishing outer areas up to turnkey delivery.