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Your reliable partner for industrial buildings and sorting depots

PEM Buildings is synonymous with decades of experience with new constructions and the modification of steel halls for industry and trade. As quality supplier we have so far realized successfully thousands of building projects and convinced building owners and planners with our expertise, reliability and service quality.

Early involvement with the building project makes it possible for us to support building owners and planners alike with our specialist knowledge. This way we can jointly develop the best solution for a hall project.
Our scope of rendered services concerning hall construction usually commences with the upper edge of the foundation. As an experienced and reliable general contractor we also offer complete solutions.
We are only too pleased to give you an individual budget quotation. Make use of our enquiry form for halls to convey your project requirements to us or contact us per phone or e-mail.
Further information on hall construction is contained in our Reference Folder PEM Highlights.

Support System

Highest degree of functionality and economy

Choosing the best support system is tantamount to the best economic solution apart from functionality. The support structure has a significant influence on the hall's appearance – there are welded plate girders with various cross sections, trusses, SIN-corrugated beams, steel profiles or steel-concrete supports with laminated wood beams to choose from. Many factors have to be considered in the search for the best suited support System:

·         Span
·         Building height
·         Condition of soil
·         Foundations
·         Snow load
·         Distance between structural frames
·         Making provisions for crane runways, etc.

Functional steel constructions

Depending on the spectrum of intended use we can meet individual requirements perfectly by fitting the new hall with steel platforms, machine sub-structures, mast-systems, pipe bridges, etc.

Roof and wall cladding

For the finish of your building, PEM Buildings offers you a wide range of suitable materials!

Wall Panelling


  • Single-skin trapezoidal sheets, if required with anti-condensation coating for unheated "cold" halls
  • Quilt insulation for simple functional buildings
  • Double-skin wall structure with intermediate insulation
  • Sandwich panels with polyurethane  foam insulation or mineral wool, laid horizontally or vertically (with visible or concealed fixing, sine wave or microlined)
  • Wall cassettes with insulation and outer skin, trapezoidal or sine wave laid horizontally or vertically (smooth internal finish, laid without cladding rails up to approx. 10m truss spacing).
  • Aerated concrete with full heat protection

Roof Covering

  • Single-skin trapezoidal sheets (plus anti-condensation coating)
  • Quilt insulation
  • Double-skin trapezoidal sheets with intermediate insulation
  • Sandwich panels with polyurethane foam insulation or mineral wool
  • Sliding bow roofs
  • Foil roofs
  • LEGATO - Arched roofs

LEGATO arched roof

PEM Buildings' LEGATO arched roof is a roof construction accentuating architectural elegance and lightness. At the same time it is an economic design.

There are many different applications and possibilities for the use of the LEGATO arched roof. Ranging from canopies for open areas and car parks to unheated storage halls to roofing for production- and industry buildings. This System can be tailored for any building project. PEM Buildings' expertise is available to clients, offering proposals for implementation.
The LEGATO arched roof is also perfectly suited for the renovation of flat roofs and it guarantees absolute tightness of the building for many decades to come. Construction of the arched roof is possible despite ongoing operations within a very short period of installation. As a general rule, the removal of existing roofing is not necessary. Due to the low structural load existing structures are subjected to minimal static weight.

Installed equipment, fixtures

Examples are cranes and staircase systems

Installed equipment and fixtures form an essential part of a well-executed newly erected hall construction: examples are cranes and staircase systems, canopies and roof superstructures. PEM plans and realizes these services together with a great number of partner companies which are innovative and quality-conscious. The many components must match with the hall under construction and are to be adjusted with regard to one another to meet the requirements of building physics, fire safety and function.

Skylight Strips/Skylight Domes

Natural lighting through the roof's surface is the most effective way to lead daylight into the hall. A continuous light strip on the roof, running along the ridge or from the ridge down to the eaves is one effective way. The light strip can be fitted with aeration and smoke vent flaps for diurnal venting. As an alternative or as an amendment to the above, light domes can be fitted to lighten selective hall areas. They can also be fitted with smoke vent flaps which possess ventilation function.

Doors and Gates

Size and type of hall gates and doors depend on factors such as frequency of use, space available, fire safety requirements or lighting needs. On the basis of these factors we plan for the optimum design, whether it is a sectional gate, a rolling shutter, speed gate or a fire safety door.


Manufacturers of windows and wall strip windows offer a variety of materials, appearances and functions. There is a range of types available such as poly-carbonate glazing, plastic or aluminium window frames or mullion & transom designs for large-scale glazing. There are also wall strip windows with clear glazing, Profilit™ glazing, polycarbonate glazing to be had.


Your individual price.

If you want to build a new industrial building you have to take the numerous steps. One of the first questions you might ask: How can I calculate the investment budget for my new building?

The buildings of PEM Buildings are tailor made for each customer based on the individual needs. The final price of a new industrial building depends on a large number of parameters such us location of the site and its specific statically requirements for snow and wind loads, utilization of the building and the technical standards.
We are very pleased to prepare a first budget price based on your specific basic data. You can just get in contact with us and you will receive briefly your individual offer 
Based on more than 40 years of experience in the field of industrial buildings we have developed a free check list which should support you to calculate the total investment budget for your new building.
With pleasure we send you our checklist „4 steps to your new building
This checklist covers the major steps for the planning of your new building and will give you a basis for calculating of your investment budget.