Roof and wall

For the finish of your building, PEM Buildings offers you a wide range of suitable materials!

Wall Panelling

  • Single-skin trapezoidal sheets, if required with anti-condensation coating for unheated "cold" halls
  • Quilt insulation for simple functional buildings
  • Double-skin wall structure with intermediate insulation
  • Sandwich panels with polyurethane  foam insulation or mineral wool, laid horizontally or vertically (with visible or concealed fixing, sine wave or microlined)
  • Wall cassettes with insulation and outer skin, trapezoidal or sine wave laid horizontally or vertically (smooth internal finish, laid without cladding rails up to approx. 10m truss spacing).
  • Aerated concrete with full heat protection

Roof Covering

  • Single-skin trapezoidal sheets (plus anti-condensation coating)
  • Quilt insulation
  • Double-skin trapezoidal sheets with intermediate insulation
  • Sandwich panels with polyurethane foam insulation or mineral wool
  • Sliding bow roofs
  • Foil roofs
  • LEGATO - Arched roofs

LEGATO arched roof

PEM Buildings' LEGATO arched roof is a roof construction accentuating architectural elegance and lightness. At the same time it is an economic design.


There are many different applications and possibilities for the use of the LEGATO arched roof. Ranging from canopies for open areas and car parks to unheated storage halls to roofing for production- and industry buildings. This System can be tailored for any building project. PEM Buildings' expertise is available to clients, offering proposals for implementation.


The LEGATO arched roof is also perfectly suited for the renovation of flat roofs and it guarantees absolute tightness of the building for many decades to come. Construction of the arched roof is possible despite ongoing operations within a very short period of installation. As a general rule, the removal of existing roofing is not necessary. Due to the low structural load existing structures are subjected to minimal static weight.